Screenshots If you already know about RSS and you just want to start using that serious RSS reader you have been waiting for so long, download en install the latest build now.

Latest version

 Date   Installer 
 24-07-2007   ScoopScanner 0.92.msi 


If you haven't installed ScoopScanner before, just click the link above and choose "Run" to install. Click "Next" a couple of times and finally "Close". A new desktop icon named "ScoopScanner" will have been created, you may use it to start the application.

If you did install ScoopScanner before, you must deinstall the currently installed version first. Go to Control Panel › Add/Remove Programs to remove ScoopScanner from your system. Your scoop documents will not be removed, you can open them again with the newer program like you were used to.

Are you having trouble getting started, in particular with declaring sources and filters? Download the scoop document sample. You may open it with ScoopScanner or import it into your default ScoopScanner document (from the sources tab of the document properties dialog). You may also directly open the file with ScoopScanner from this page, you must however subsequently save it onto your own computer after you do, using "File › Save As".

What is it then?

ScoopScanner is an RSS/Atom reader (or aggregator) that goes beyond what any other reader you have seen before has to offer. ScoopScanner enables you to get a grip on your internet news sources which will be bundled like a book that you may take from one PC to the next. You can read your daily news on the train, at work, wherever there's a PC available. You open your "book" and get the full read state you left when you closed it. Fuzzy? Wait until you experience it, you will wonder why this wasn't done before.

The implementation of this document model, the extensive configuration possibilities and the just doing what's right for any Windos application make ScoopScanner unique and put it in a league of its own as far as RSS readers are concerned.

Do you want to read more about ScoopScanner first? Be my guest, please choose a topic from the left column on this page.

So how much is it then?

ScoopScanner is free for modest use. Without any functional limitations you can monitor up to seven sources from the same document. Adding more sources to a document requires activation which will set you back 15 Euros.